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ZOMG The Dreaded Animation Project List! Empty ZOMG The Dreaded Animation Project List!

Post by Naruto on Fri Apr 30, 2010 10:49 pm

o.o I'm getting sidetracked constantly by my many projects. Sometimes I forget them Sometimes I dun wanna continue them. SO I'm posting them all so you can see what I'm doing, and I can keep track of my own stuff easier. <3

Works In Progress:

Scourge AMV-
Song: What I've Done
Progress Made: About fifteen seconds of animation. First scene completed.
Estimated Time Til Finished: About a week to ten days.

Deathpaw AMV-
Song: Thanks For The Memories
Progress Made: *Still working on title screen*
Estimated Time Til Finished: Maybe a month or so...*Is lazy*

(These projects have been weighing on my mind a while. Plz tell me if I should pursue them or not~)

Warriors Spoof-
Song: Copacabana
Cats I'll be Using: Leopardstrike, Raindapple, Redwhisker, many other random characters from this site.

Warriors: New Prophecy(Series) AMV-
Song: How Far We've Come (The World is Ending Song)
About: It'll be about the cats trying to escape from the Old Forest, and the Journey Cats.


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