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Mini Story:My Life,Part 1 Empty Mini Story:My Life,Part 1

Post by Naruto on Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:07 am

CRASSSHHHH! Lightning struck down in jagged lines across the sky,lighting up the parched forest. Wind blew through the tree tops,sending brittle leaves flying through the air. Thunder rolled through the sky,following quickly after the lightning. Rain started to fall from the dark gray clouds that swirled overhead,coming down in drenching sheets,as if to answer the forest animals' prayer for water. The drought was finally ending...

A dark red brown pelt streaked through the swaying trees,invisible in the dark,moonless night. From the creature's jaws swung a tiny puppy,no less than five days old. It's eyes were still closed,as well as it's tiny ears. But it's mouth was open in a soundless wail of hunger and terror. "Hush,my daughter. We'll reach home soon,"the creature,a red-brown colored dog,soothed through the thin scrap of skin and fur in her mouth.

Finally,the dog stopped at the entrance to a sheltered cave,boulders and large stones piled around the entrance to camouflage it from the outside world. "Minato,"the dog barked after gently setting the now wriggling pup on the ground. At her voice,another dog,this time the soft,golden color of honey,poked it's head out of the cave. "Kushina,"he greeted,his blue eyes gleaming. He saw the pup on the ground and his features softened. "Come,get her out of the cold."he ordered,waving his long,wolfish tail in a signal to come inside.

The she-dog grasped her daughter in her jaws again,moving with a graceful air as she stepped into the den. It was noticeably dryer and warmer in here;much different from the raging storm outside. CRAAACCKK!! Another fork of lightning illuminated the sky above them,putting a harsh silver light inside the cave as the mother dog placed the pup into a nest of dry moss and bracken,with pigeon feathers around the edges to keep her warmer. "I suspect you had plenty of time to gather that much bedding,"she mused,pressing her muzzle against her mate's as they watched their only daughter fondly.

For the young puppy,the world was full of darkness and confusing,muffled sounds that seemed to come from far away. She squeaked,lifting her head weakly before setting it down on her tiny paws. She quickly fell asleep,smelling the comforting milk-scent of her mother near-by. "Come,we must hunt while she is asleep." She hardly heard her father's whisper to her mother. She barely noticed that the comforting scent of her parents had left the small space,never to return.

CLAAASSSHH!! Sparks flew from the tops of the trees as a bright flash struck down an old oak tree in the middle of the woods. Bright red flames lapped hungrily at the dry bark of the fallen tree,quickly spreading to the rest of the scorched forest through the dry leaves and pine needles on the forested floor. A shriek,followed by a panic stricken wail were the only sounds hear above the roaring of the rain and fire,the signal of the young mother and fathers' deaths as the heavy trees toppled onto them,while their daughter slept,oblivious to their demise.

The next day,as wind shredded the rest of the clouds like claws through fur,letting faint sunlight warm the ravaged forest,a lone shape searched desperately for her kit. Umino the fox,with her scarlet fur and deep amber eyes,came across a small cave,it's entrance blocked by trees except for a tiny opening at the bottom. A shrill wailing sound echoed out of the cave,and the fox went to investigate only to find a tiny puppy inside,it's eyes not even open. At the milk scent of the mother fox,the pup struggled towards her,instinct and hunger driving her forwards.

Umino watched the pup's struggle then made a quick decision,grasping the pup's scruff gently with her teeth. She carried the tiny thing back to her mate,Kasai,who was also the father of her kit. She nodded to him and set the puppy into her nest,curling up beside it. Without a word,the vixen had easily convinced her hungry mate not to eat the new addition,and instead to treat it like their lost child. "Naruto,"she murmured,nudging the pup towards her belly. Your name will be Naruto."

I made this for Yagami's new site...Heart Sease. I know it's above the word limit but...oh well!

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Mini Story:My Life,Part 1 Empty Re: Mini Story:My Life,Part 1

Post by LEN KAGAMINE on Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:55 am

xD The min. word limit is 100... That means that you need at least 100 words, so this is fine... xD If you can get it above 100, who cares about the limit? :3

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