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"When I become elder, I'm going to still be a warrior."

"And how does that work, little one?"

"Well, see, I'll be here in the den, but I'll still go hunting and stuff." Yarrowkit grinned widely. It was the best plan he could ever think of. He wouldn't have to do anything, but he would anyways, to show... integrity? Was that the word? "That way if any cat comes over here trying to mess with us elders,
I'll totally kick them out." He nodded. Oh yeah, he was going to be, the best warrior-elder of all time.

"Will you have the apprentices take out your ticks and get you food even though you can do
it yourself?" Lionmist asked him with a little smile on her face.

"Of course! They can't shirk their work!"

"Well then you don't mind getting mine then?" She joked. Yarrowkit suddenly jumped up, his eyes wide.

"Ew! I'm not going to do that! I'm not an apprentice yet!" He turned around and quickly sprinted from the elder's, hearing their laughter. It died away when he ran into the disguised hole in the ground. He slipped down the slop under the ground, a fun past time now turned into a race to get away from his own clanmates. He sped up his movement, and soon found himself going at speeds he hadn't ever gone
before. He laughed as he started to forget about the fright he had with the elder's, but it was short lived as he crashed through the tunnel and into, what he thought to be another cat, when he heard an oof!

"Hey! Watch were you're going!" Yarrowkit picked himself to see Foxkit looming over him, branding an angry face. Foxkit was just a week older than him, but he was huge! He was the size of a kit of six moons! It was scaring being under him, especially when he was angry.

"I'm sorry," Yarrowkit murmured. He looked to the side of Foxkit, he was without his twin brother Shaddedkit, who was, as equally large as him. "Hey, where's your brother at?" His ears fell back and he shrunk when he hear Foxkit's growl.

"How am I supposed to know!? Maybe he's making dirt! It's not my job to know exactly where he is at every moment of every day!" Foxkit roughly pushed Yarrowkit to the side and went up and out of the camp.

"Well someone is in a mood today," Yarrowkit said in a low voice, as if Foxkit had impeccable hearing and
he'd run right down and give him a good thrashing for speaking negatively about him. He stood up and started on his way to the nursery, nothing but good thoughts in his head. Thoughts of wind and plains and clans and prey and everything.

Quietly he slipped into the nursery, there was his mother, Spotfoot, and the other queens, Brakenspring, Brownwhisker, and Faithfulhawk. All sleeping with their kits, except for Brakenspring, who slept alone since Foxkit and Shaddedkit had left. Ahead of him was Spiderkit, sleeping soundly next to Brownwhisker. Yarrowkit laughed quietly when he saw her twitch her whiskers. What was she dreaming about? Rubbing her nose in the grass? With, what he thought was, perfect silence, Yarrowkit stalked towards Spiderkit. A grin spread across his face, getting wider and wider as he got closer. When he was right next to her he whispered: "Spiderkit?" She didn't move, not even twitch a whisker. He poked her in the nose and
she grumbled something and tightening the ball she was in.

Perfect. With another laugh he bent down on his haunches and sprang up. He growled, as if he was an actual predator, ready to catch its prey. He yelped loudly as suddenly, Spiderkit rolled out of her nest, leaving him to hit the ground with a thud. The queens woke when their noise caught their ears.

"Yarrowkit!" His mother scolded him. "What are you doing in Brownwhisker and Spiderkit's nest! And disturbing their sleep!" Yarrowskit turned, with a guilty look to Spotfoot.

"But-" Yarrowkit was interrupted before he could get his excuse out.

"No, buts! You apologize to the both of them this instant!" Reluctantly Yarrowkit looked to Spiderkit and then to Brownwhisker. "I'm sorry for waking you up," he murmured unhappily. He pricked his ears when he heard snickering to the side of him and turned to see Spiderkit, giving him a sly look of victory. His pelt bristled with anger towards her little game.

"Spiderkit!" Brownwhisker hissed. "This isn't funny, this could have well been you! Warriors do not act this way." Murmurs of agreement were passed around by the queens and Yarrowkit grinned, she was getting her just dues.

"Brownwhisker, I'm not a warrior yet, so I can laugh all I want." Yarrowkit gaped at her remark back to her mother. He would never say something like that to Spotfoot! He heard a hiss behind him and took that as his cue to move out of the way. The black furred queen stood up anger shown through he pelt. Yarrowkit looked in Spiderkit's direction expecting to see her cowering, but
instead, she stood without a flinch before her mother.

"Now you listen here, Spiderkit! You do not disrespect me!" Yarrowkit eagerly waited to hear what Spiderkit's punishment would be, but felt a paw scooting him towards the entrance. He looked behind him to see his mother was the culprit.

"Go play with the apprentices, okay?" That meant it was going to get ugly. Disappointed, Yarrowkit
walked out of the nursery, the last thing he heard of the conversation was another one of Spiderkit's counter-attacks.


"...and then order was restored to the clans." Junipermountain finished his tale of the near destruction of the clans.

"Where you there!" Yarrowkit asked in an astonished tone.

"Of course not, bumble-head, he's not that old!" Swallowkit said in a tone that questioned the capacity of Yarrowkit's brain.

"He's right Yarrowkit, I'm not that old." Junipermountain chuckled. "I was told by the elders when I was a kit, and they were told by their elders, and they were told by those elders, all until it reaches the cats who were there." Yarrowkit nodded enthusiastically. That made sense.

"And all of those cats are in StarClan, right?"

"Of course."

"Cool," Yarrowkit mewed in awe. He looked towards the sky. He gazed at Silverpelt as it flowed through the sky, it's vast size used as a home for all cats who died nobly in battle.

"I think it's time to let the elders rest and go to sleep," Swiftshadow, a younger warrior who recently got an apprentice, Forgepaw, said sweetly to the two kits.

"Aw," The two kits said in unison. Swallowkit got up from his spot and disappeared through the hole in the ground, Yarrowkit stayed where he was.

"Can't I sleep up here like everyone else!" Some of the warriors and some of the apprentice slept up here. The elder's dominated this area. It was so much better sleeping out under the stars, nothing
over you head, feeling the breeze shake their fur, and listen to the rustle of the rabbits as they tried to conceal themselves in the tall grass.

"It's not safe out here for little kits."

"But I'm not little! I'm big! I'm alsmost as tall as Foxtalon and Shaddedthron. Isn't that enough!?" Swiftshadow grinned in amusement.

"It's not the size that makes a warrior, it's their skill and judgment. You need
to wait a little longer for that."

"She's right, Yarrowkit," this time it was Lionmist who spoke, "you need to wait till you know
everything you can, and that won't happen until your an apprentice."

"Then can't I be an apprentice now!?" Yarrowkit whined. He didn't want to go back in there with Foxkit, Shaddedkit, Swallowkit, Spiderkit, Harekit, and Yadekit! He wanted to be up here with Firestream, Heronsky, Twistedbeak, Shrededtongue, and Furrytail!

"You can't become an apprentice until you can prove are a warrior who listens to every command." Yarrowkit's ears drooped. So the only way he was going to become an apprentice was if he left! Well fine! he'd leave, and then he'd show them he was the best apprentice! He got up in his best, most
dignified way, and strutted off to the camp entrance. When he was out of sight he let his tail and ears fall. Ah, being a good warrior and apprentice sucked, it really did. At least he could still be a kit for a while. He reached the part of the slop that slid down into camp, and slid down, without care, to the
bottom. He picked himself up and made his way over to the nursery. It was dark inside, and to not start another episode like earlier that day, he moved silently to his nest. He laid down next to Spotfoot and stared out, in sleeplessness. Swallowkit, to his amazement, was already in a deep sleep, tucked in between his mother and siblings. He looked around the nursery at all the sleeping cats, and then his eyes caught others. Two amber eyes stared right at him. He couldn't see the cat, the pelt was too dark, but he knew it was Spiderkit.

Was she really awake? He closed his eyes and opened them again, this time, her eyes that seemed to glow, had disappeared. Maybe he was just seeing things. He closed his eyes again, but this time in slits so he could still see her, just in case he wasn't imagining things. There! He saw her open her
eyes again, and look over at him. Why? He opened his eyes fully and looked back at her.

"Spiderkit?" He mewed aloud. In quick response he heard a hiss come at him. He got the message. Shut up or quiet down. "Spiderkit?" He whispered. "What are you doing?"

"Waiting," she whispered back. It was a vague answer.

"Wait for what?"

"Forget about it, you already ruined it!" She looked angry on the other side. What did he do?

"I didn't do anything!"

"Yeah, but you'll just tattle on me like a newborn kit!"

"No I won't!" Yarrowkit was heartbroken. How could she say something like that? He wasn't a
tattler! He didn't tell the queens anything! "What makes you think I am!?"

"Because you always follow the rules like a well-groomed kittypet! That's why! You never get in trouble for anything! Ever! You and Swallowkit and Foxkit and Shaddedkit, the perfect souls in the
nursery! You never do anything fun! And of course you'd take the first chance to go whine to the leader everytime I did something wrong! Just so you guys can glorify yourselves!" Okay, that whole glorifying thing may have been true, but he never did it! No! That was all the other kits, he didn't even know what was going on half the time! He just knew she was in trouble!

"I never did that! Never!"

"You sure acted like it! You agreed with everything they said! It's not like you stuck in for backup!" Of course he didn't stick in for backup! He barely talked to her as it was, and he didn't want to be outcast and told on too! It's not like he didn't anything wrong, but... they could make something up, it's not
like they hadn't before! It wasn't like anyone believed Spiderkit anyways.

"Well..." He started his explaination, but he couldn't finish it, and his voice simply dwindled off.

"Well, exactly," she snapped back, "you can't be trusted."

"Oh come on! Please!" He knew he sounded pathetic and whiney, but he just wanted to know! "I won't tell anyone! And if I do, I'll eat all of those nasty herbs in the medicine den with a side of dung. And if I don't! Let StarClan wisk me away with rabbits!" He heard a small laugh come from Spiderkit, but he
could see a grin on her face, a grin that told him that she'd make him do it if he told on her! He shrunk in his pelt just thinking about it.

"Fine, I'll tell you. I was waiting for Brownwhisker to fall asleep so I can sneak out of here!" She paused. "And you too so I can put a thorn in your nest." What?

"Don't do that!"

"Which one?"

"Put a thorn in my nest! That would hurt!" He looked at his rear, imagining thorns in his skin. He glared over at her and then caught a glimpse of Brownwhisker. She seemed perfectly asleep! "She's not asleep?"

Spiderkit shook her head. "I mean a deep sleep, stupid!"

"Oh!" That did make more sense for her to be laying there still. "Hey! What did Brownwhisker say!" He hadn't heard a thing about the argument, he'd been away from the nursery since then. He had asked the other kits who were in there before he left, but they said their mothers had sent them out
too. No one really knew.

"Oh, you mean that argument that you got off scott free for?" Spiderkit replied cooly. Was she going to blame him for stuff all night?

"Yeah," Yarrowkit replied with more of a defensive tone.

"I'm not allowed to leave the nest for a moon," she answered, her tone nonchalant and indifferent and if the decision and occurance had been a repeated and tideous thing.

"Really? A whole moon!? Just for that!?"

"Brownwhisker wants me to be the... proper, respecting, and well-respected warrior that doesn't have
any fun. And I get in trouble a lot, remember?" She just did it again! That accusing counter she always had.

"Wait, so when you said you're waiting for her to go to sleep, that means you're going to sneak
out, right?"

"And here I was thinking you had already understood the whole, waiting 'til she sleeps thing. What did you think I was going to do? Go to sleep too?" Maybe, yes.

"No!" Yarrowkit half lied, trying to defend himself. He nearly jumped out of his fur when he heard
murmuring behind him from his mother. Had she woken up? Barely, it seemed. What she said was hardly readable, but, he thought she was telling him to go to sleep. Almost as if confirming that, her tail
started to push him closer to her, and turn him slightly away from Spiderkit.

"Well I guess it's time for you to go to sleep, huh?" Her tone was mocking, as if she could stay up all night while he had to sleep early.

"Er... good warriors get their rest," he replied, trying to make himself sound a little smarter. She wasn't buying it.

"Mhm. How many warriors do you see cuddled up to their mothers like that, Yarrowkit?" He growled at her. Why did she have to be so difficult! She just laughed at him. He curled up next to his mother and
closed his eyes. He felt wide awake, like he'd sitting up until dawn, but sleep quickly came, and he dreamed dreams of play.

"Ow!" Yarrowkit was jolted awake by a sharp sting. He rolled back on his feet and checked his fur. There was a thorn in it! A big one too! And it was sticking him! Who did that!? One name came to his head, Spiderkit. He looked back at her nest and saw her over there laughing quietly at him. She didn't look like she moved an inch, and yet this thorn was in his butt! The only thing different about her was that her mother was gone. Well he'd show her.

"Yarrowkit, is everything all right?" His mother asked him.

"There's a thorn stuck in my fur!" He pointed at it with his tail. A concerned look came over Spotfoot's face and she quickly turned to the nest, checking for any other thorns that may be hiding in there. She was thoroughly distracted. Yarrowkit took this chance and padded over to Spiderkit, wincing as the thron stung him more. "How did you do that without waking me up?" He whispered.

"A great warrior never shared her secrets with the enemy." He frowned at her and looked closely, trying to find some giveaway, but she gave none.

"I'm going to get you back! Just you wait!"

"I doubt it. You're horrible with tricks, and you know it!"

"I'm better than you think," he growled.

"Fine then, to a battle of tricks!" She declared with excitement, ready to show him what she had in store. The proposition made nervousness play in his spine, but he held true. He wouldn't show her weakness.

"Not to battle, but to war!" He challenged and, turning around before she could reply, went back to his
mother, less confident in his decision than he showed. "Spotfoot?" He said, wondering when she'd finish. She turned back around to him, a look of apology on her face.

"I'm sorry, I was just making sure there weren't any others. And there weren't, I don't know how that got in there, but we'll talk to the warriors and ask them to make sure the apprentices double check their moss before they bring it in," she pushed him along with her tail, "now come on, we need to go to the Medicine Den and make sure it's nothing to worry about." Yarrowkit started with his mother, but the sting of the thorn was persistant. "Are you okay?" She asked him when she spotted his discomfort.

"Yes, it just stings." Before he could say a word in protest he was picked up by his scruff and carried away. Humiliation surged through his pelt as he heard the laughter of Spiderkit in the nursery.

"Shadowstep, are you in here?" Spotfoot looked around the Medicine Den as she put Yarrowkit down. Joyously he inhaled the sweet aroma of the herbs. They were soothing, reassuring smells. Smells of forest, berries, delightful things. It made him hungry everytime he came in here, it always made him
think of the berries that the patrols brought, to his disappointment, very rarely for all of the kits. He walked deeper inside, enjoying the feel of being inside. Oh, how wonderful it was, to stay and swim in the
feeling of serentity. Yarrowkit's calmness was sliced through when he heard pawsteps in the back of the den where the herbs where kept. He thought it was Shadowstep, but then he heard two sets of feet. Who was that? Giggling sounded afterwards and soon, two kits popped out. One was Yadekit, and the other was Mallowkit.

The two looked like they were up to no good. Cobweb stuck to both of their pelts messily, like
it had been ripped and it clung in the aftermath. Yadekit, the tan she-kit whose fur seemed to fade the farther it went down he body, almost white at her feet, help in her jaws a bundle of Dandelion roots.
Mallowkit, the black and brown "she-kit tom", held in his jaws two stocks of poppy seeds. What were they up to? They grinned innocently, like they'd done only good, but Yarrowkit new well that Yadekit wasn't very nice, and Mallowkit was her henchman.

"What are you two doing in here?" he asked them with a suspicious tone.

"We're here because Shadowstep is out," it was Yadekit who answered, "and he wants us to give these to," she paused. Yarrowkit grinned, they had no cover story, and since Spotfoot was here they'd get in trouble for it, they deserved trouble.

"Featherwind, right?" Spotfoot asked quickly, unknowingly helping Yadekit's little plan, "because of her
leg?" Yadekit nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes, her! I nearly forgot! Thanks, Spotfoot!" Yarrowkit yelled at his mother in his mind. Why had she done that! They were almost caught! He wanted to turn around and tell her some cross words, but he didn't, he couldn't. Spotfoot smiled obliviously.

"Do you know when Shadowstep will come back? Yarrowkit got a thorn stuck in him and we need help getting it out!" Yadekit grinned as her eyes fell on Yarrowkit, a grin so devilish, so conniving that it make his pelt prickle. Then she put down the roots in her mouth carefully.

"You know, Shadowstep has taught me a lot of things about herbs. He even taught me how to take out thorns and stuff." Another lie! She hated Shadowstep, and she thought Medicine Cats were unimportant. She would never try and learn anything from him, ever!

"Oh, so I see we have an upcoming Medicine Cat apprentice!" Yadekit beamed with her own fake pride. "How about you show what you've learned and take Yarrowkit's thron out?"

"Huh!?" Yarrowkit exclaimed. "No! Don't let her do that!"

"Now, Yarrowkit! Don't be rude!" Spotfoot scolded him.


"No, buts!" Yarrowkit looked worriedly at Yadekit. He could see the excitement running through her. She just wanted to hurt him!

"It'll be okay, Yarrowkit!" Yadekit mewed innocently as she ran up to him. And then, more sinister, "I'll be careful." His eyes widened and he took a step back. Before he could run he felt a weight crash down on
him. Mallowkit. He'd forgotten about him.

"I got him, Yadekit!"He mewed like the obedient servant he was. Yarrowkit squirmed under him

"Spotfoot help! She's lying! She doesn't know how to do this!"

"Now don't say that, Yarrowkit!" Spotfoot said angrily, "They're just rying to stop you from moving around so much, you just need to sit still!" There was no use in trying to convince his mother, she wasn't having it. Yarrowkit tried his best to sit still. It was true, if he moved too much it would hurt worse. Panic streaked through his fur as Yadekit walked behind him. Over and over he chanted in his head, telling himself it wouldn't hurt that bad. He felt Yadekit's teeth grasp the thorn. He yelped out in pain when he felt her push the thorn deeper into his skin before she pulled it out. He jumped up, knocking Mallowkit off of him. He wailed and looked at himself. In the spot where the thorn was, a little blood welled up. He'd never seen his own blood before, in fact, he'd never seen blood when it wasn't on some food. He wailed in his panic. He was going to bleed to death!

"Now calm down, Yarrowkit! It wasn't even that bad!" Spotfoot gently liked the wound clean.

"But it stings worse now!" He complained. Yadekit pushed it in on purpose! She was a jerk! He glared over at the other kit who put on her innocent face and picked up the herbs with Mallowkit. The two laughed and ran from the Medicine Den to, supposidly, give those herbs to Featherwind. His mother yelled back a thanks to the two kits before she turned her attention back to him, telling him to stop making it more
than it is and just go play already. He quickly came out of the Medicine Den and looked around for Yadekit and Mallowkit. They were no where to be seen. He didn't want to know what they were up to, so
instead he walked towards the Apprentice's Den, going to get a quick view of what was in store for him.

Inside where all of the neat rows of nest, all holding the scents of each warrior-in-training. Kindlepaw, Reedpaw, and Crowpaw lay in there nest. Kindlepaw was sleeping, and Reedpaw and Crowpaw were chatting together. On the far end of the nursery was Larkpaw, talking to Dovekit. He walked over to the
two. They were talking about being an apprentice or being a warrior or something.

"Was it hard?" He heard Dovekit say, her gray and white pelt bristling from excitement.

"Was it hard? The first time, yes, but the second time it was like breathing." Larkpaw boasted. His grey and black fur in it's crazy pattern, as Yarrowkit always thought. He looked at his own fur. Gray and white, neat and tidy, perfect.

"Yarrowkit!" Dovekit-she was Spiderkit's sister-squeaked when she noticed him over there, breaking into his thoughts. "You're brother is fantastic! Did you know he found a whole burrow full of rabbits last leaf-bare!?"

"Yes," Yarrowkit said in a very unenthusiastic tone. His brother was just amazing and he hated him for it. He rarely came over here when that tom was around, all he did was make himself look glorious, with his talk of hunting and such. He also made him afraid. He was short as ever, smaller than the other kits, and he'd been an apprentice for a while. Would he be all short when he grew up? He didn't want to be the hight of a hare when he was a warrior, that was embarrassing.

"So, how is the nursery going?" Larkbreze asked, his face full of genuine interest. Ugh. He hated that.
It was like he actually cared! And he probably did too!

"Um...nothing," Yarrowkit said in a low voice. Yeah, nothing. "Um...Dovekit," he started, trying to thik of a way to wiggle out of this. "Where is your uh.... sis-" No! Spiderkit was in the nursery, "brother!"
he quickly corrected. "Where is your brother?"

"Oh... Duskkit? Um..." She tilted her head, thinking about where that kit could be. He could be in any place he chose. "He's uh... Oh yeah! He's with Thistlethorn!"

"Oh... okay. Um... thanks for the help," he replied before backing out from the Apprentice's Den, hearing the conversation of Dovekit and Larkpaw start up again. Thistlethorn. That cat just made him nervous, very, very, nervous. He looked threatening even when he was joyous, it was scary. With small steps and a slow pace, he made his way over to the Warrior's Den. Before he got there, though, the two emerged, Duskkit looking mighty enthusiastic.

"So you'll teach me!?" The large black kit mewed enthusiastically. His father, Thistlethorn, was a large black tom. He was tall, his ears always seeming pricked. His body was filled with multiple scars where
fur no longer grew. On on his face, many on his back and sides. The most noticable was a long one on his chest that streak diagonal to the base of his joint. He was maginificantly terrifying.

"If your mother will let me," he laughed. He noticed Yarrowkit when Duskkit groaned, obviously not wanting to ask his mother anything. "How about you show Yarrowkit some of the moves I taught you? I don't think you're actually learning anything." Yarrowkit lifted his ears and Duskkit's eyes snapped quickly up to his father. Yarrowkit could have sworn he'd seen fire in his eyes when he looked towards him. Pure determination in it. He didn't think that he wanted to be used for that. No, not at all! "How
about it?" He asked him.

"Uh... Sure?" Why did he say that? He didn't want to! He barely noticed Duskkit as he pounced at him. He
jumped back, his attention full turned on him.

"Okay," he started, "I'm going to show you this move. All I'm going to do is hit you in the back of the head, okay? It'll be perfectly fine." Yarrowkit nodded nervously. "Now just stand and get ready." Yarrowkit tensed himself, ready for whatever Duskkit was going to do. The kit was almost
the size of Foxkit and Shaddedkit! He could actually hurt him! But, he wouldn't hit that hard, would he? Worry welled up in him as he watched Duskkit rush towards him. It seemed like an instant before he saw him a fox-length away from him, and then he felt a blow to his head and then... nothing. Everything was a blur, he couldn't think. It was like, just for a second, the whole world just blacked out and now it was
coming back, blurry. He was disoriented. What had happened? He couldn't think. He looked around. He was on the ground now, he could see that much. Staggering to his feet, Yarrowkit's senses began to flow back to him. Duskkit was giving him this weird look. It was like, there were two of him. He shook his head, and then it was back, back again and great. "You alright?" He heard him ask.

"Yes! I'm perfectly fine! It was a little new, though," he grinned widely, feeling Thistlethorn's eyes on his fur as he watched them. "What's next?" He was a little more excited now, but would whatever came next be worse than what he just experienced, his stomach still felt a little bad from that. But all in all it was-

A sudden shriek broke through his thoughts. A yowl of pure distress that made the whole camp stop, all for what seemed like forever. All heads where turned towards the sorce, the nursery. Every cat, all at attention ran as fast as they could over there. What was happening? What was the problem? It was them who reached there first.

Now he could see it. Daisyleap, mother of Foxtalon and Shaddedthorn was, as every mother would, in extreme fright over her kits. The two of them were sleeping as they should. What was the problem? But then he saw it, some of those poppyseeds that Yadekit and Mallowkit had earlier, a scrap of that root was left too. He could see the two kits, poking the sleeping ones with their paw, frightened and confused looks on their faces. They were faking it, he was no fool. Across from them was Spiderkit, barely awake, just woken up from her nap. Oddly, she was covered in bits of cobweb. So that's what their plan was!

"You did this!" Daisyleaped shrieked again, an agony over her that could be felt by every cat in camp. She had turned on Spiderkit, who, he didn't think, had any idea of what was actually going on. "Why would you do this?!"

"What?" Spiderkit replied, surprise in her voice as she finally came to her senses when she heard the sharp accusation. "What did I do!?"

"You know exactly what you did!"

"What's going on here?" It was Thistlethorn this time.

"She's poisoned my kits!" Brownwhisker tried to calm the distressed queen, but nothing seemed to work. She glared over at her daughter angrily. Clearly disappointed. Spiderkit continued try to figure out what was going on, but she kept her defiant look about her.

"I didn't do anything! I was sleeping the whole time!"

"No you weren't! I saw you!" Yadekit. "You gave them those seeds"-she pointed at the poppyseeds-"and
then you left and acted like you were sleeping!"

"You liar!"

"I'm not the liar! You are! Even Mallowkit was there! Right, Mallowkit!" The little tom nodded his head in earnest, backing her up wholly and completely. "See!?" Spiderkit paused for a second. Yarrowkit didn't know why, but soon enough she had a furious look on her face.

"You set me up! Didn't you!?" She yowled at the top of her little lungs.

"Spiderkit!" Brownwhisker scolded her, "You do not blame others for your wrong doings. You tell the truth!"

"I am telling the truth!"

"For once will you stop your lying!" Spiderkit opened her mouth to yell out something again, but she stopped. Something had caught her eye. It was those two, Yadekit and Mallowkit, snickering over where they were. Yarrowkit had seen it too. He growled at the two kits, but his noise was drowned out by Spiderkit's wail that sounded loudly in the nursery. "It was you two!" Spiderkit's eyes were on fire, scarily so. She looked like a small warrior, even with webs all over her. "You're framing me!"

"Why would we do something like that?" Mallowkit replied calmly on the signal of Yadekit, "we wouldn't endanger our denmates like that! Not like you!" Suddenly a screech of fury errupted from Spiderkit and she charged at the trouble makers. Mallowkit and Yadekit wailed in fright, but in another instant Spiderkit was snatched up from the ground and into the air, her scruff held tightly by her mother. Yadekit's mother moved in front of the kits to protect them from her, not relaxing even if the kit was secure.

Spiderkit scratched at the air, her unsheathed claws shining despite their dark color. She looked like she
was trying to fight with the intent to kill, struggling as if she were being held back by wolves. "You little pieces of foxdung!" She shouted at them. A gasp was shared around the den, and with the cats who were watching, crowded from outside. Yarrowkit couldn't imagine it! That was the worse thing you could say! And around her mother and father. Was she insane?! Almost instantly Spiderkit was nearly thrown into her nest by her mother, as if she was too disgusted to hold her any longer.

"You do not-!"

"Enough!" Thistlethorn's boom of a mew stopped every cat, thoughts and all. Yarrowkit had even held his breath, nearly frightened by the power of his voice, feeling the authority that mixed in it, almost as strong as if he was the deputy... or the leader. The heads of the queens and the kits snapped to him, except for Spiderkit's. Her eyes were locked on the ground, as if it had just betrayed her.

"Excuse me! Excuse me! Get out of the way, all of you!" The gruff voice that belong to no one other than Shadowstep adressed the cats behind him. Yarrowkit tilted his head awkwardly to see the cat coming towards them. He was somewhat fat, his brown and golden fur mixed together as he pushed through the other cats. When he finally breached through the crowd, thick as a badger's fur, a small growl rumbled in his throat and he quickly turned on them all. "This isn't a show! Shoudn't you all be doing some hunting?" His scolding tone encouraged the group to thin and disperse. When he turned his attention back to the cats, his attitude was different, his eyes softer. "Burrowpaw fetched me. Now what is the problem?" His voice was reassuring. Yarrowkit didn't understand how a cat could be so stern, but then kind the next second.

"It's my kits!" Daisyleap was somehow able to say in her distress. She pushed them with her paw to show that they didn't stir."They won't wake up. She's given them some deadly herb I just know it!" Daisyleaped hissed at Spiderkit. Shadowstep glanced at Spiderkit and inspected the two kits carefully. A smile came across his face that made the queen visibly relax.

"They're fine. The herbs they took are only for putting cats to sleep, the don't do anything else. They took enough to get themselves in a really deep one is all. They'll wake up perfectly fine and healthy, you musn't worry yourself." Shadowstep laid his tail on Daisyleap's shoulder. The queen gave the best smile she could, and in a moment, she purred.

"Thank you, Shadowstep," she mewed gratefully before she lay down next to her slumbering kits. Shadowstep, with a nod, proceeded out of the den, but before he left, he whispered something in Thistlethorn's ear. Thistethorn nodded, and with a feircety, he approached Spiderkit. She didn't look up at him, but Yarrowkit didn't think it was from shame, he thought it was from disgust.

"You come with me," her father hissed at her. No! She couldn't get in trouble for this! Finally, he jumped up from hsi place. He had to make some type of stand!

"But she didn't-!" He was cut off by a hiss from his mother.

"A warrior knows when to speak and when not to!" Spotfoot didn't seem like she was going to have it. He lowed her head, his ears and tail drooping. He could see Thistlethorn giving him a sharp glare, and he even heard a mutter from Duskkit, saying something about keeping his mouth closed. Spiderkit didn't even acknowledge him. Maybe he was messing up. He shouldn't have said a thing.

Thistlethorn turned his attention back to Spiderkit, waiting for her to comply, but she didn't. He growled
and bent down to pick her up, but she retaliated.

"I can do it myself!" She yelled at him, hissing, teeth bared. She stomped ahead of him, storming out of the nursery with the skilled warrior following. As the two cats disappeared, Duskkit approached.

"Why does she always get in trouble?" He sighed, as if she was ruining everything in the clan. Yadekit and Mallowkit silently basked in their triumph, shooting him nasty looks, only making him feel worse. He could feel sting of emotions inside of him. Those of sadness and anger.


Yarrowkit fidgeted as something prodded him on his head. Reluctantly, he opened his eyes.

Well! Here it is! Now I have to finish it, and add in Goldenkit. XD

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Cody: You sound sad about that.
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Remember That Story? XD Empty Re: Remember That Story? XD

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:DDDDD AWESOMENESS! I love how troublesome you made Spider. She's so cute in kit form~! XD

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Remember That Story? XD Empty Re: Remember That Story? XD

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Why thank you. I couldn't have done it without your bio. *bows*

Before him, looking down at him with those Amber eyes was Spiderkit. Her eyes were narrowed, angry looking. His ears laid flat on his head when he stared back up at her. He felt like he'd done something wrong. Suddenly she plunged her head down and grabbed him by the fur of his chest and jerked him out of his nest. He stifled a cry. He couldn't cry out. She wasn't supposed to be here. As new punishment she was condemned to sleep in the darkest corner of the Warrior's Den. He'd only cry if it really got bad. Bu then, would she make him eat herbs and dung? Very likely.

"You lied!" She hissed quietly. Looking as if she'd claw right into him.

"L-Lied? No! When!?" When did he lie!? What did he lie about?

"You said you wouldn't be on their side! You said you had my back! And you didn't even do a thing! You just sat there! You might as well have said that it was all my doing!" That was it? That's what he did wrong? Not saying anything? He didn't know what to say! There was so much confusion and yelling! He couldn't even get a word in! It was over before he could speak.

Okay, I'm having a low on muse, so I'll just let it stay here. X3

Cody: I have a things to say about Snigger.
Me: What?
Cody: Her little sig thing. CP definitely sounds like some freakish disease. And if I'm not mistaken an SP is a handheld gaming system.
Featherstream: Hey, I like it. Especially the BB one.
Ghostkit: He's totally gay.
Bengalbelly: How can I be? You're not even allowed to be on this site!
Cody: You sound sad about that.
Me: GOT 'EM!
Bengalbelly: -.-
Featherstream: XD
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Remember That Story? XD Empty Re: Remember That Story? XD

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Oh ho... Yarrow's gonna get it now! XD

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Remember That Story? XD Empty Re: Remember That Story? XD

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