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Post by Wolvine on Sun May 16, 2010 7:12 pm

Yeah well, we all know Lays's site 'Howling To The Moon.' WELL.... I RP the villan in that place. And when I was making him, I decided that maybe I'm not the right kinda person to RP him, cuz he has potential of beeing a cool villany dude, (he's a bit like NS, but not so small) and yeah..sO I started writing a story. It mainly focuses on Kestrel (villan) and his brother, Kadal, who on the site has no major role. I replaced all the charries that weren't mine, altered them a bit so that they fit into the story, but the main plot is the same, because I gave the plot of the story to the site.... SO yeah. Here's the proloublergh:

Prologue: The sound of claws clicking and fangs tearing was great that night. A powerful she-wolf with the classic markings of tan, grey and white watched with dismay as her pack-mates where defeated, some even killed. Her eyes fell on a young subordinate who was attempting to escape the grasp of a large black dog. He growled and bit deep into the dog’s leg, making it yelp and lift it, allowing the brown wolf to escape. In the same movement, he slipped behind it and sprung at its neck, drawing blood. The dog yelped but, this time it didn’t flinch. It growled and began to jump up and down, smashing its back into trees and rocks, trying to get the wolf to let go, which indeed he did. The Subordinate fell with a whimper, all his strength sapped out. The dog grunted and pushed him over, exposing the neck. Just then, the she-wolf lunged, knocking the dog over. It growled and bit her side, so she reared up and grabbed its throat as it flinched, throwing it to one side. It got up, shook it’s head and ran off into the bushes.

“Siera! Look out!” Suddenly a streak of white and brown hit her. The great wolf pinned her and looked down at her, his face twisted into a sinister smile.
“Hello my dear.” A voice whispered next to her ear. Siera shuddered as she heard it. She knew that voice. "Come now don't strggle so!" She stopped. Even now he had some kind of power over her. She looked up fearfully at his blazing golden eyes. The speaker smiled again, and parted his jaws…

I'm working on it. Any constructive critisism would be nicce. Note that all is explained later =3

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