Heheh... Pokemon Fanfic, Anyone?

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Pokemon Fanfic, Anyone?

Heheh... Pokemon Fanfic, Anyone? I_vote_lcap50%Heheh... Pokemon Fanfic, Anyone? I_vote_rcap 50% 
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Heheh... Pokemon Fanfic, Anyone? I_vote_lcap50%Heheh... Pokemon Fanfic, Anyone? I_vote_rcap 50% 
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Heheh... Pokemon Fanfic, Anyone? Empty Heheh... Pokemon Fanfic, Anyone?

Post by Amberstorm on Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:59 pm

I mean, I'm already writing one because I'm bored, but I wanna know if you people even wanna read it.
Anyways, it's about this kid named Ria who had lived with her uncle because her parents died. Her uncle was really good at making cool poke balls. But then he died, oh, well. Anyway, then she's left on her own, and she takes his remaining poke balls to go catch some Pokemon because she needs some. X3 I've been thinking about how some of the things in Pokemon are really just... unrealistic (duh, but still), and I was thinking... heck, why not make a story where those things are explained?
I think it'd be really cool to have a Pokemon's abilities scientifically explained. How is it possible for a Salamence to fly if it's body is so big and its wing structure is poor?
This is one of many of the things I can come up with, so as a preview, I will be explaining Salamence's wing structure and how it's possible for it to fly.
Have you ever noticed how a bird's wings move? A bird's wings have two parts to their wings so that they can go out, forward, and out, and they repeat this motion while flying. A Salamece, in my opinion, should not be able to just lift off from the ground because its wings lack the bones that a bird has. Instead of having two parts to its wings and a joint, Salamence appears to only have one joint, strong muscles, and strange bone that seem to protrude from a main bone that goes out in a big wide V with the top parts connected. Another estimation of what the wing structure would look like is a single bone protruding from the joint with a strong, red membrane. Its wings can only move in a limitid up and down motion. The only way a Salamence would be able to fly is if it launched itself off of a cliff, spreading its wings straight out to let its wings catch the air like a parachute. It would not be able to gather enough air to lift its rather heavy body from regular ground.
A horrible explanation currently that I will revise later, but there's your demontration.

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